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    System messages


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    This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.
    System messages
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    Name Default message text
    Current message text
    1movedto2 (talk) (Translate) moved [[$1]] to [[$2]]
    1movedto2_redir (talk) (Translate) moved [[$1]] to [[$2]] over redirect
    about (talk) (Translate) About
    aboutpage (talk) (Translate) Project:About
    aboutsite (talk) (Translate) About {{SITENAME}}
    abusefilter-edit-builder-vars-global-user-groups (talk) (Translate) Global groups that the user is in
    accesskey-blockip-block (talk) (Translate) s
    accesskey-ca-addsection (talk) (Translate) +
    accesskey-ca-delete (talk) (Translate) d
    accesskey-ca-edit (talk) (Translate) e
    accesskey-ca-history (talk) (Translate) h
    accesskey-ca-move (talk) (Translate) m
    accesskey-ca-nstab-category (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-help (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-image (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-main (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-media (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-mediawiki (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-project (talk) (Translate) a
    accesskey-ca-nstab-special (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-ca-nstab-template (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-nstab-user (talk) (Translate) c
    accesskey-ca-protect (talk) (Translate) =
    accesskey-ca-talk (talk) (Translate) t
    accesskey-ca-undelete (talk) (Translate) d
    accesskey-ca-unprotect (talk) (Translate) =
    accesskey-ca-unwatch (talk) (Translate) w
    accesskey-ca-viewsource (talk) (Translate) e
    accesskey-ca-watch (talk) (Translate) w
    accesskey-compareselectedversions (talk) (Translate) v
    accesskey-diff (talk) (Translate) v
    accesskey-export (talk) (Translate) s
    accesskey-feed-atom (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-feed-rss (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-import (talk) (Translate) s
    accesskey-minoredit (talk) (Translate) i
    accesskey-n-currentevents (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-n-help (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-n-mainpage (talk) (Translate) z
    accesskey-n-mainpage-description (talk) (Translate) z
    accesskey-n-portal (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-n-randompage (talk) (Translate) x
    accesskey-n-recentchanges (talk) (Translate) r
    accesskey-p-logo (talk) (Translate)  
    accesskey-preferences-save (talk) (Translate) s
    accesskey-preview (talk) (Translate) p
    accesskey-pt-anoncontribs (talk) (Translate) y
    accesskey-pt-anontalk (talk) (Translate) n
    accesskey-pt-anonuserpage (talk) (Translate) .
    accesskey-pt-createaccount (talk) (Translate)  
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