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    M:Terms of Use


    Test SiteNoticeAfter hook

    Using our Service you agree to follow the Following terms below and agree that Any violation within the site/ and or the Discord Server, Can lead to your account being Globally Locked/ And or Being Locally Locked.

    you agree to not Upload Viruses, illegal content's or Content's that may Harm The wiki or other's In addition to this being said you agree To Use content's and Images in A fair way and within the Wiki's Licenses.

    Following terms of use you agree that any Open proxy or abuse of accounts is prohibited and will be Blocked/locked, In addition you agree that the following below are prohibited.

    -Using username's to Harass/Bully/Insult/ or Spread False rumors. - you agree that impostring any user's or Celebrities are prohibited - you agree that Any Username's Being used to Promote viruses or Advertising is prohibited.

    Steward's and Global Syosp Reserve the right to Prohibit you from using our service or Tell you to Take a break from using our service Without Any reason or valid reason, In addition we reserve the right to Global lock/or block anyone who refuses to take a break from our service as requested by steward/global admin.

    In addition You Agree that you may not send Steward/ Or global Syosp a large amount of request at once.